It’s A Family Affair -Henry Spaulding

In January 2022  we got a message on our Facebook inbox , it read “ I have a question on the blues singer and guitarist Henry Spaulding who recorded “Cairo Blues” back in the 20’s. He is my husband’s great grandfather. Do you happen to have an article and a picture of him by any chance?”

Early Christmas Blues and Jazz Songs. 12 Good Reasons to Discover them

If you thought that “Fairytale of New York” is the epitome of an alternative Christmas song, you need to think again! From dead drunk to death row, the earliest Christmas Blues Music blew the lid off the traditional music syrup can. The lyrics were edgy and the performers were pros. Even if “White Christmas” is more your thing, you can still learn to love these gritty festive gems.

The Origins of “In The Mood “

We have been reading , amongst other things, the biography of talented poet , composer and lyricist Andy Razaf ((December 16, 1895 – February 3, 1973) . He is best remembered these days for his work with Fats Waller on songs like “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “Honeysuckle Rose” . He was responsible for at least contributing … Continue reading “The Origins of “In The Mood “”

Son House – The Essence of the Delta

Today, 21st  March we are remembering the late great   Eddie James “Son” House, Jr. (March 21, 1902– October 19, 1988) We thought we would revisit and update  one of our articles  written (in 2005 )  by our friend and former member  of staff Kevin Witt Son House music CDs Son House CDs available from Document Records. Document … Continue reading “Son House – The Essence of the Delta”

Emma Johnson “Cold Weather Papa” It’s the Blues Jim but not as we know it

Last year when   we were preparing  a  free winter themed  E.P  as a  download for the holiday season , “Cold Weather Papa” by Emma Johnson seemed like a good choice . The track appears on our   CD DOCD-5654 Classic Blues & Vaudeville Singers Vol 5 1922 – 1930. Once we played it , however, … Continue reading “Emma Johnson “Cold Weather Papa” It’s the Blues Jim but not as we know it”