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Blind Willie Johnson (1897–1945) By Bill Berry “Probably the finest slide guitar playing you’ll ever hear” – Eric Clapton, commenting
Blues Musicians Who Died in 2019
Honouring Those Musicians We Lost In 2019 By Paul T Forrest A number of music artists passed away in 2019.
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(Written by Leonardo Pereira) 1. BIG BILL BROONZY (Lee Conley Bradley; 1903 - 1958) The city of Chicago is constantly
“I can get to Hell just as quick as you can.” The Profanity of John Carson's Fiddle  Over the course
Mood Sheet Music
We have been reading , amongst other things, the biography of talented poet , composer and lyricist Andy Razaf ((December
From Hull to Nashville By Gary Atkinson   Given the critical slamming I gave those first Document CDs when writing
England, Vienna, Scotland. By Gary Atkinson Whilst working, as an Office Junior at the City Engineers department of Hull City
By Gary Atkinson "...Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?" The first albums that I bought were cheap, ‘budget
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Today, 21st  March we are remembering the late great   Eddie James "Son" House, Jr. (March 21, 1902– October 19, 1988) We
Helen Clarke
Last year when   we were preparing  a  free winter themed  E.P  as a  download for the holiday season ,