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Christone Kingfish Ingram, Jimmy Duck Holmes, Marquis Knox, and Jontavious Willis
At Document Records, our main focus is compiling and sharing historic recordings of traditional American music. These were the works
Blind Willie McTell recording for the Library of Congress
Seen the arrow on the doorstepSaying, "This land is condemnedAll the way from New OrleansTo Jerusalem."I traveled through East TexasWhere
Even with all the negative comments from serious historians, the most striking element of the film was the attention to
Bentonia Bluesmen
Bentonia, Mississippi is a small town of just over 400 residents, about the same number it had in 1931. That
by D'Arcy Rix-Hayes The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, with one in every 15
Louis Jordan campaigning at the Apollo Theater
From the Mississippi Delta to the streets of Chicago; from Mamie Smith at the Howard Theatre to Kingfish at Red’s,
By Elva D. Green Perry (Mule) Bradford In 1920, Mr. Perry (Mule) Bradford, African American songwriter, minstrel, and vaudeville performer
Reverend Gary Davis entertains guests at a party for his 63rd birthday, in 1959
You like the blues. That's why you're here, reading about Reverend Gary Davis. Maybe you like jazz as well, maybe
Introduction In the 1930s we move from the “Jazz Age'' to the “Swing Era”. New York is now the Jazz
Famous Jazz Musicians of the 1920s
Introduction A new age sprung to life during the decade following the First World War - The Jazz Age. It