Are your physical products CDs or CD-Rs?
They are a mixture of both CDs and CD-Rs and have been for the last 20 years.
Do you offer FLAC?
Yes. Not all albums come with FLAC downloads but we are working on converting the entire catalogue.
How do I download my MP3?
After you have paid for your MP3 you will return to a page where there will be a link to download the MP3 file as a zipped folder. This file will remain active for a limited period only so it is advisable to download it as soon as you can, ideally the same day. If you have missed the deadline for downloading and you file is no longer available, please e-mail [email protected]
What bit rate do you use?
We encode our MP3s at 320kbps using a constant bit rate.
What can I use to play my MP3 file?
MP3 is the most compatible digital music format. Any media player on your computer or any portable device should be capable of playing the file.
What happens if I lose my MP3 after I’ve downloaded it?
If you have downloaded the MP3 it is your responsibility to ensure you know where it will be downloaded to. The default location, such as your desktop, could vary depending on what it’s been set to on your computer. Try searching your computer for the catalogue number, song or artist name as this may help you locate the file. If you are truly stuck and cannot locate the file, e-mail [email protected]