Halloween Download Apple Bobbing Mix Volume 2 Virtual Maxi EP x 10 tracks.Strictly Time Limited Seasonal Edition


Virtual Maxi EP x 10 tracks

8 pages of downloadable illustrated notes

Strictly Time Limited Seasonal Edition

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Apple Bobbing Mix Volume 2

With a 175 million Americans alone expected to take part in  (curtailed) Halloween Celebrations  in 2020, it is festival with fascinating roots that simply cannot be ignored by those with an interest in Blues, Jazz or Old Timey Music.

Document Records presents  the second in a series of digital maxi EPs that looks at the roots of Halloween in music and song. The modern Halloween is a fusion of Celtic, Christian and African cultures and beliefs and has now spawned a Halloween season rather then one night of celebrations

Our Apple Bobbing mix with its downloadable illustrated notes reveal the roots of Halloween and its customs  from the ancient Celts to the Day of the Dead to the influences of Hoodoo and Voodoo. It brings together 10 great tracks that might surprise you – from Marching Bands, Ike Turner, Doo Wop and beyond.

Out of stock